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Are you a high powered leader who is burned out... stressed out... being pulled in a million different directions? 

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Leadership, Resilience, Results

I help leaders get clear about their focus, create high performing teams and improve energy to build strong organizations with exceptional results. 

Reconnect with what makes you great. 

The challenge for so many leaders in today's rapid fire marketplace is the rate of early burnout, unmanageable and imbalanced demands coming from every direction simultaneously, and no time to consider their own needs, even at the most basic level.


The concept of “fake it ‘til you make it” is for newbies who don’t know what they’re doing yet. This doesn’t apply to your leaders and it won’t work for them. Faking energy is how you survive a day, not thrive and truly lead.


You need a BETTER APPROACH that actually works to help leaders rediscover their inner spark that comes naturally because it truly comes from within and is not manufactured by the person to keep their head up. Stephana Johnson will transform your leaders’ energy level with her proven P.I.L.O.T. Process, so they can get their energy back and unapologetically grow even further in their leadership role.  

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“Stephana is a powerhouse! She has the skills, experience, and resources to effectively move you through a transformation, and encourages you through each step, even the challenges …"


Keynote Speaker

Award Winning International Speaker, Stephana has your audience leaning in and inspired to take action.

Leadership Coach

One size does not fit all. Focused on your desired outcome, we'll make it happen without compromise.

Master Facilitator

One of a kind, strategic sessions reignite creativity, fosters resilience, and inspires forward action.

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Resiliency Expert

Lead Smarter, Act Faster, Make Better Decisions.  

The accelerator for high powered excecutives, influencers and opinion leaders.