More Results • Less BS

For Yourself, Your Team and Your Bottom Line.

Reconnect with what makes you great.

The challenge for so many leaders in today’s rapid-fire marketplace is the rate of early burnout, unmanageable and imbalanced demands coming from every direction simultaneously, and no time to consider their own needs, even at the most basic level.


      Discover a new way of observing so you lead from strength rather than reactionary leading.


      Take a clear stand and act boldly. Be willing to take risks aligned with core values creating a new future you care about. Know how to sustain your leadership efforts.


      Lead with clarity, confidence, credibility and calm conviction, even in the midst of anxiety provoked by increasing complexity and accelerating change.

Meet Stephana

Stephana is the founder of Powerhouse Leaders, a unique Leadership Speaking and Consulting Firm that helps powerhouse leaders get more results with less BS, for themselves, their team and their bottom line.

Known as the “Chief Empowerment Officer,” Stephana has over 25 years of experience working with leaders to revitalize without compromise. She’s highly skilled at guiding leaders toward a more optimized, results-oriented organization through a systemized approach and leadership development process. Stephana leads strategic work sessions, as well as regularly speaking on how leaders can expand their influence and build impactful businesses. Through her P.I.L.O.T. Process, as well as through her Executive Reset Program, Stephana is committed to empowering businesses, leaders, and start-ups on how to successfully maneuver the ever-changing landscape of leadership and resiliency in the workplace.

Stephana Johnson of Powerhouse Leaders

Motivational Speaking

Keynotes that transform the audience.

Leadership Solutions

Coaching. Strategy. Revitalization.

Executive Reset Program

More results with less BS.

Strategic Work Sessions

Increased engagement and retention.

Here is a partial list of results clients have received:

  • Restructured their business
  • Patented 2 inventions
  • Doubled their revenue
  • Broken the million $ sales mark
  • Established thought leadership focus
  • Replaced dead weight with power players
  • Entered advanced degree programs
  • Integrated step-by-step processes
  • Eliminated team conflicts
  • Innovating new services for more profit
  • …and celebrated (and sometimes endured) other momentous milestones

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The P.I.L.O.T. Method: Practical Tools for Making It To Your Destination Whole and Happy

The P.I.L.O.T. Method is the program designed to help your leaders get their magic back – to rediscover what made them so successful in the first place and start having fun again. The holistic approach takes into account the DNA of the WHOLE person – not just the person they are behind the desk.

This is not a cookie-cutter, one-size fits all same old lame-o message…Stephana Johnson delivers a fully customized program to suit the needs of your unique audience. The accelerator for high powered executives, influencers and opinion leaders who contribute their passion and unique, creative perspectives to make a positive change in the world.

A meaningful, healthy life doesn’ t have to be sacrificed in order to achieve success. In fact, that success can be achieved because of the meaningful, fulfilling existence. By the end of their time with Stephana, your audience will transform from depleted to energized, and recover their youthful exuberance so they can move forward for the long haul, re-engaged.

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